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The Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

By: Sarah O'Hara BA (hons) - Updated: 8 Jun 2013 | comments*Discuss
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Renewable energy is energy which occurs naturally and therefore is not finite, as many fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are. Renewable energy will not run out. Many people who are interested in the focus of this site – reusing waste in an environmentally friendly way – are also likely to be interested in ways which they can use natural resources to their full in a bid to avoid other more harmful processes.

Often you will also hear renewable energy being referred to as ‘clean energy’ or ‘green energy’. This is because renewable energy produces minimal amounts of pollution and harmful gases. Other terms you might hear are ‘sustainable’ or ‘alternative’ energy.

As technology progresses many businesses and individuals are being enabled to use renewable energy and even, in some cases, generate it on their own premises.

Types Of Renewable Energy

There are numerous renewable energy options and technology is improving all the time. Some of the main types on offer are:

Solar energy: Solar energy is energy generated by the sun. The energy is captured using solar panels. Solar energy can be used to generate electricity and to heat water.

Wind energy: Wind energy is generated by wind turbines. There is great potential in the UK for the development of the wind energy sector – we all know how windy it can be here after all.

Biomass energy: Biomass energy is created from waste materials. Biomass can heat a home or building using a stove or boiler.

Hydropower: Hydro-energy harnesses the energy in running water.

Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy is usually harnessed through groundsource heat pumps. These pumps carry the heat from underground to buildings and homes.

The Benefits Of Using Renewable Energy

So that’s a very brief whistle stop tour of what renewable energy is all about. But, what are the benefits of using it, and why should you do some more research?

Let’s look at some of the benefits renewable energy can bring:

  • Renewable energy causes far less pollution than the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Due to the fact that it won’t run out, renewable energy is a far more sustainable option.
  • Renewable energy can be produced locally and therefore can benefit local communities and business as well as stimulating local economies.
  • The renewable energy industry creates jobs.
  • Experts suggest that using renewable energy will result in more stable energy prices.
  • Even if you don’t generate your own renewable energy, you could source it from a supplier. Many green tariffs mean that renewable energy could actually work out cheaper or the same price as using a traditional source.
  • You could even make money from renewable energy if you generate more than you need. You can sell the excess to the National Grid.
  • Using renewable energy can be a selling point for a business. Many people are now making more ethical choices and will prefer to work with a business who shares their values.
  • You may be eligible for a grant for setting up a small-scale renewable energy generator.

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